How to accessorize your outfits

Hello! Can you believe May is in full swing? School will be out soon which is crazy! So this week I will be honest I was kind of drawing a blank on what to blog about it. So I went to Instagram and asked my followers what they wanted to see; it was suggested to do a blog post on how I accessorize my outfits. I loved that idea! So here we are! I will “talk” you through how I pick my accessorizes and hopefully this helps you.

Ok, so I really focus on accessorizing myself because

1. I don’t/can’t wear makeup due to my skin so with that being said I focus on fun lip colors, and glosses, and fun accessories.

2. I can’t really use purses either because that little pressure the strap leaves hurts my arm like crazy (thanks to Fibromyalgia)

Alright so I usually start with picking out the shirt I want to wear. Then I pick the pants. Then it kind of varies if I pick the shoes out next or the jewelry. What I do is try to incorporate the shoe color with the jewelry I am wearing. I also look at the color(s) of my shirt and see what I want to pop! I accessorize with bracelets, headbands, and necklaces, oh and earrings!

Ok here is one look I did. I took the small yellow flower and choose to really pop that. So I styled it with big yellow earrings (super lightweight by the way), these yellow shoes, and then a pop of yellow with my bracelets. Also since I wear the same pura vida bracelets everyday (I earn a small commission from those) I will link those at the end of the blog!

Next up! There is a tiny pink stripe in this shirt. I really wanted to make the pink stand out (and pink is my favorite color so it really was an obvious decision to me lol). So I picked out a pink accessories.

So this was a rainy and gloomy day. I wanted to brighten up my outfit. So I went with white accessories. Also who else is loving these new hair trends? Taking me right back to my childhood and I am loving every second of it. My necklace is the initial necklace for under $5 at Walmart brand is no boundaries.

Since I moved to the topic of hair accessories. This outfit I didn’t really pop anything but do you see how my bracelets are pink as well as my shoes? I stuck with black and white for everything else with a pop of gold in the hair scarf.

Yeah I wear this shirt quite a bit. Ha its so soft and we had another jeans week at school! πŸ™‚

Alright so here I wanted to brighten this up. I took a black shirt and added pops of color. I matched my jacket to my headband than added in pastels in the bracelets. This is a very good way to start out. Try any black shirt and build your accessories. My tip would be to pick your favorite color or piece of jewelry than just keep building and you will have all of your accessories.

So with this outfit I again picked the top 1st and went from there. As you maybe able to tell I wanted to pop the light pink stripe in the shirt. I added light pink shoes and bracelets. The necklace is a gold color initial necklace from Walmart – no boundaries under $5. I also wore the pink jacket pictured above with this outfit as well just forgot to get a picture with it on lol sorry!

This shirt could be overwhelming to put with accessories, but I wanted to make it fun with the accessories. I took the colors of the stripes and basically picked those color for the bracelets. The shoes are multi colored glitter. Then I added one of my favorite necklaces and was able to tie in my hair clips with that since they were gold (and the clasp on my sandals are gold). I went with very simple earrings they are black and very thin.

So that rounds up this blog post. I hope this helps picking out accessories easier for you! So to summarize I like to pick my accessories based off my shirt and build from there. If you ever need help don’t hesitate to e-mail me or send me a message on instagram! Hope your enjoying the sunshine and warm weather!

Here are links to things I usually have on everyday!

The next 2 I earn a small commission when you use code ABBYHERSHBERGER20 and the best part is you get 20% off! Also it can be anything on the Pura Vida website I am just linking the 2 I wear daily.




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