Spring Round-up

Guess what?!?! I finally have a blog post ready for my affordable finds category! As you know most of the outfits and things I share on the style category are decently priced but this will be an easier way to find things! I thought I would start by rounding up my top ten favorite affordable finds this spring! These aren’t necessarily ranked in order (I am horrible at ranking things because I love everything) I will try to keep everything under $20

I love this nail polish remover. Dare I say it smells good? It doesn’t smell bad it doesn’t have any acetone plus it has lavender essential oil. I will be honest it takes a bit to get used to because its “oily” and you have to hold it on your nails for a bit longer because it doesn’t come off fast. I am looking into the “clips” on amazon to hold the cotton balls.

I have been sharing Ella + Mila on my Instagram page! (Check my stories I have them saved in highlights). I love that they are free from the “7 bad things”. This also smells good. The first time you use this its a 4 week treatment. I just completed my 2nd week. My nails are already getting stronger. With my chronic illness my nails have gotten really bad.

This picture has 3 of my spring favorites! The shirt, pants, and shoes (unfortunately the shoes are in store only they are time & tru)

I will link this shirt as well (I recommend waiting for a sale) it is so soft! Also these shoes from Walmart are amazing! They have memory foam and the cutest detail on the back! I want them in all the colors ha!

Alright about halfway through sharing my favorites for this spring!

I love this tank! I have it in pink! I will be wearing this plenty! It is not sheer and is actually really soft!

Next up I am sharing my favorites from Pura Vida! I don’t have these ones (yet they are on my wishlist ha) but I wanted to share them! Don’t forget you can use my code for anything except the subscriptions on pura vida for 20% off your purchase. Use code ABBYHERSHBERGER20 for your 20% off code!

Alright that wraps up my first affordable finds post! I will try to do more of these but let me know in the comments if you would like these seasonal round-ups! Can’t wait to see if you purchase any of these if so tag me on instagram please!

Let me know if you have any questions!



{These links are not commissioned… however if you use my code for pura vida I do earn a small commission for that thanks so much}

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