Fashion Rules?

Anyone else tired of the “fashion rules”? Like where did they come from and why do we obey them like they are the law. I mean I usually did. I have a few blogger friends who said along the same lines of why are we following the rules and who set them? One of my favorite bloggers Erin (at Living in Yellow) challenged us to wear pants on Easter! I love wearing pants! I have never been one to gravitate towards dresses over pants. I mean hello we are talking comfort here!

The 1st Fashion Rule I broke (WHITE PANTS BEFORE MEMORIAL DAY)

I finally got myself a pair of white jeans! I have to laugh a little bit because I used to not wear white jeans because I showed holsteins in the dairy club for 10 years and the attire was a white shirt and white pants so the white pants I had were for showing haha and then it just felt weird to get a pair of white pants but I finally got some. These even have a special material or something so they won’t stain and not to mention they are comfy and not see through! So who even came up with the white pants rule? I don’t know but I am breaking it. I think it is such a fun color to wear and can really brighten any outfit. I can’t wait to style these pants more!

Click the “button” and it will take you to the website!

The next rule I am breaking is “size matters”. I used to think I should be careful with stripes especially horizontal because they make you look bigger but I don’t think they do. If you feel good in something get it! Also another rule is that you shouldn’t be tucking things in. I rarely tuck things in because I kept thinking I didn’t look good or I was too big to try it. With a little push from a good friend I went for it. I added a jacket in the 1st time for some extra comfort for me. I also tucked in with my easter pants (gasp pants not a dress) lol there is another rule! I am learning that size is just a number. If you feel good in something and have confidence go for it!

Here are the stripes I am wearing and yes I am embracing the scrunchie trend! I love them and glad they are back. Did you catch another “rule” I broke? I mixed patterns scrunchie was floral and sweater is striped!

The sweater is only in stores! Check your local Walmart! This was Time and Tru brand wearing an xl. Also tank top is from Walmart as well!

Finally tucking in again!

I know some people don’t like wearing black on black I am learning to like it. I think it looks sharp and classy. You can really dress it up or dress it down.

Next rule I have broken this month is jean on jean! I want to push myself soon and wear a chambray top with jeans (hello Canadian Tuxedo)

I wasn’t really breaking any fashion rules here. I may have broken one rule though…. ice cream before dinner! Some people say to steer away from leggings/ or tights. I wear them I just adjust sizing if needed and then always add a longer shirt. If you have a costco membership you need these pants they retail for like $40 and I got them for $20.

Below are things that I wear usually with every outfit!

**These next 2 below I earn a small commission when you purchase using the code ABBYHERSHBERGER20 and you get 20% off your purchase**

So break those fashion rules! Take the photo however you want! Ignore the rules that society has set on these fashion rules! Sometimes its worth it to take the risk! Trust me I thought I would never be wearing half these outfits and here I am to tell you I love those outfits and can’t wait to style them! How do you feel about fashion rules? Let me know which is your favorite fashion rule to break!

“If you obey all the rules, you miss all the fun.” – Katherine Hepburn



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